i wanted to be the one to show you the world
take you to eiffel tower in paris
kiss you under moonlit rome
like the things that happened in the coliseum
i’d rip you apart in the most poetic way
i wanted to go snorkeling in aruba
see the coral beneath our feet
every where i wanted to be, i wanted to be there with you
i wanted it to be so no matter what, every time you saw an airplane, youd think of me.
or anytime youd see the moon reflect in someone elses eyes.
whenever you find yourself driving through a neighborhood of mansions to just to plan
your dream life, i hope you think of me.
i remember waking up next to you
the way the sunlight hit your face and the floating dust speckled around you
i just wanted to drown in presence
you were like a beautiful still in a moving world. time seemed to slow down whenever you were near me.
if you’ve ever been in a car accident or near death experience you know what i mean. it’s a beautiful bliss where time stops
and you’re shown your life. all the bad choices that lead you to this moment.
in a weird way you’re kinda the reason i don’t regret anything in life.
i remember when we were upstairs you told me you wanted to die
you were beautiful in the saddest way
to let someone see who you really are. to be real for once in your life
and just let everything out. putting the mask down and looking at me with your heart through watery eyes.
we could talk for hours about how some many terrible things
happen to such good people.
but one i thing i learned from you is even sunflowers don’t last forever, they show up for a little bit as the seasons change, to
remind, “hey, the worlds beautiful sometimes.” and then they go. When we promised forever, I didn’t think it’d come so soon.
i prided myself on being able to make you smile whenever things would get bad. of course i was the reason you were mad to begin with
so it kind of defeated the purpose. we didnt make any sense, but we didnt have to. like a statue of our waxed hands fallen and morphed from aging.
I remember you told me you felt me slipping through your fingers. I laughed and said the only thing slipping through yours, is mine.
but you were right the weight of the world pulled me right through.
whenever you feel sad, just look at your wrist. every pissed off morning you’d have to wake up before my parents caught you sleeping over,
every slurpee i brought to your cosmetology school, every time you’d sneak over and sleep instead of going to class, when you bleached my hair orange,
or you ruined all of our pillows when you dyed your hair red, how we could watch harry potter and twilight on repeat, when i ate a weed chocolate bar
and freaked out, every time you’d storm out of the front door and how funny it was that youd ended up kissing me 5 minutes after,
the time you slapped me, how you were obsessed with taking pregnancy test, or how we lost a versions of ourselves, whenever you look at your wrist
i hope you think of me and everything that we used to be.

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what if lawn mowers are so loud because they have to cover the screams of the grass being massacred. 


wow what version of windows do u have this is 2014

time traveler proof????????

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